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This second album as a leader proves in a bright way the qualities that “Twilight” foretold, and first of all that Fabien Mary is, nowadays, one of the most treasured musicians of the French jazz scene. Brilliant technique, never unfounded nor showy; constant musicality, perfectly controlled language…

Jacques Aboucaya, 2005.


« Trumpet players such as Fabien Mary can be counted on one hand»

Michel Contat, 2006.


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Fabien Mary is a young trumpet player in constant activity, from small bop bands to big bands… Among the jazz musicians who inspired him, we must quote Gigi Gryce, Kenny Dorham, Ray Bryant, Frank Foster… all unpretentious jazz heroes, precious stylists… It can be heard, through Fabien Mary, that to be an intelligent and creative player today, one has to be conscious of the taste and knowledge of yesterday, so as not to confine classic jazz from the 40s to the 60s to nostalgia.

Sylvain Siclier

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Pinède Gould

14 juillet 2007

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Fabien Mary (trompette), Géraldine Laurent (sax alto),Michel Pastre (sax tenor), Xavier Richardeau (sax baryton), Hugo Lippi (guitare),Pierre Christophe (piano), Raphaël Dever (contrebasse), Mourad Benhammou (batterie).



When he began appearing in clubs and big-bands, and released his first album as a leader, it was easy to determine that in the small microcosm of jazz in France a trumpet player had been found that could be relied on. He received a « Django d’Or » in 2003 and in 2004, Antibes Jazz Festival gave him the first prize of instrumental revelation…

Jacques Chesnel, 2005.

it’s not surprising that he was named « jazz à Juan Révélation 2004 ». With this quartet which brings together four passionate musicians, listening carefully to each other, concentrating , jazz is in safe hands and alive and well..

Jean-Michel Proust, Le nouvel Observateur, artistic director of the Duc des Lombards (Paris).


Those who have heard Fabien Mary in Michel Pastre’s big band know the qualities of this musician: stunning technical agility, velocity, imagination, and a deep understanding of swing, all inherited from his mentor Clifford Brown.

Jacques Aboucaya. November 2002.

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